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MultiCam 30: Elevate SMG-45/UMP style with permanent camo upgrade.

UMP/SMG-45 Camo Mags

Ever feel like your SMG-45/UMP is the wallflower at the gun range party? Does it stand awkwardly in the corner, nursing a cup of gun oil? Time to give it a fashion upgrade with the "MultiCam 30" magazine!


  • Perma-Camo Tech: This isn’t a flimsy sticker or a weekend DIY project. Our "What-Dirt?" technology means this camo is here to stay—just like your in-laws.
  • Ego Boost: Automatically elevates you to the 'cool kids' table at any gathering. Approved for use at hunting trips, range days, and mandatory family reunions.

Why You Need MultiCam 30:

  • Permanent Camo: We’re talking “till death do us part” level commitment here. That camo is not going anywhere. Unlike Karen.
  • Be the Envy: When you show up at the range with this beauty, even the burliest, most bearded operators will offer you a solemn nod of respect.
  • Limited Edition: Like that collectible action figure you keep in the box, but actually useful.


Q: Will the camouflage make me invisible?
A: While our camo is impressive, it can't hide you from life's responsibilities, or from deer. Sorry.

Q: Is this magazine dishwasher safe?
A: We wouldn't recommend it unless you're interested in voiding your warranty and all semblance of common sense.

Q: Can the camo handle extreme conditions?
A: This camo is tougher than your grandma's meatloaf and more resilient than your ability to ignore chores.

    $79.99 Regular Price
    $67.99Sale Price


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