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KAMO Magpul Stock (MOE, SL, DT)

KAMO Magpul Stock (MOE, SL, DT)

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Introducing the Magpul MOE DT Dual Tension Stock "Perma-Camo" Edition! Ever wish your rifle could become as inconspicuous as a leaf in the wind? Ready to blend into the background with such finesse that even a seasoned tracker would be baffled? Your solution is here!

Choose your style: "Tiger Stripe" for those jungle ops where only the stealthiest will survive, or "MultiCam" for blending into varied terrains from forest floors to mountain ranges. This stock transforms your AR-15 into a stealth master, ideal for those who take the phrase "hide and seek" very seriously.

The MOE DT Dual Tension Stock is engineered for the discerning shooter who demands both stability and adaptability. The dual tension system provides a snug fit, reducing wobble and ensuring your rifle is as steady as your aim. It’s light enough to ensure rapid maneuverability, yet robust enough to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors.

Elevate your game with the Magpul MOE DT Dual Tension Perma-Camo Stock, and fade into the background with confidence! Perfect for the tactical enthusiast who not only wants to evade detection but also appreciates a firm, responsive setup. Snag yours today and become the ghost of the wilderness.