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HK SP5/MP5 Wood Furniture Set

HK SP5/MP5 Wood Furniture Set

The HK SP5 wood stock is a high-quality accessory for your firearm that has been expertly crafted from original HK G3 parts. The handguard and stock are made from durable wood, giving your rifle a classic and stylish look. The handguard provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the stock allows for proper shoulder positioning and stability when shooting. These components have been converted from HK G3 parts to fit your SP5 rifle, ensuring a seamless integration and reliable performance. Upgrade your firearm with this beautiful and functional HK SP5 wood handguard and stock. The handguards are made from CETME wood. 

  • Condition

    Due to the age of the wood and parts there will be slight cosmetic imperfections in the wood. The intent is to have the look be a little older including on the metal bands for the handguard. We leave some marks in the wood if we think they make the pieces unique. Otherwise we do our best to sand out the rest of the imperfections. 


  • Trench Art

    Some pieces have unique "trench art" inscribed into the handguard or the stock. If this is the case, we leave that in and do our best to refurbish around this. 

  • HK vs CETME

    Please see photo above for difference in the HK/CETME stock. The cetmen stocks are much more plentiful and much cheaper than the HK stock. The HK stock is my personal favorite as it has a slimmer pad, and is made by HK!

  • Lead Times

    Current lead time for full sets when in stock is 1-3 weeks before shipping. They are built to order and this ensures that each one is built with quality in mind. 

  • Price Increase

    There has been a recent price increase due to buying out most of the market on hand guards. The stock market is drying up as well. (Sorry rebuilders). 

    The price increase reflects the price of cost only, and not profit for us. 

    Thanks for your understanding.