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The CT RAD (Rapid Aiming Dot) Electronic Sight is a full-size Open Reflex Sight for full frame pistols. Featuring a red 3 MOA aiming dot" the CT RAD has a recessed and fully multi-coated lens with a large quick acquisition window. The CT RAD comes with an AUTO Shutoff Function that automatically shuts off after 8 consecutive hours of operation to conserve battery life and a manual ON/OFF Function that allows you to turn on or off the sight by using the side brightness buttons. The CT RAD is easily installed on an optics cut slide using the CT RAD footprint that is also compatible with the Docter footprint. Textured sides allow for a secure grip when racking the slide. The CT RAD has large brightness setting buttons for easy use even with gloves on. Made of 7075 Series Aerospace Aluminum" it is 30% stronger than most industry standard sights made with 6061 Series Aluminum. The entire CT RAD family has an Innovative top strap design that deflects force if the sight is dropped.
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